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Match Glasses: The Concept

When the Online meets the Offline

At Match Glasses, we offer you the online low prices and the optical store professional service, by having opticians come to you to let you try your glasses and take your measurements. 

Our Services Include:

 A Certified Optician coming to you when you want where you want

• A large choice of frames and high quality lenses

• 2 appointments: one to choose the glasses and one to adjust them at the delivery

One year guarantee on your frames and lenses

Our Prices Include:

All of our Simple Vision are at $140 and all of our Progressive Glasses at $290. This includes the frames, lenses and appointments.

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Spring is here! Eyewear trends too.

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Great quality and amazing team! 

Paola S.

I was amazed at how quickly I adapted to my progressive glasses! The lenses' quality is spectacular!

Mo Q.

I love my new glasses! Thank you for your super great taste and service!

Lana N.